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KeyPay is an easy-to-use online payroll that integrates with accounting platforms and automates the entire payroll journey. They have a growing list of features but one of the most used features is their reporting functionality.

This is what reporting currently looks like in KeyPay, which is quite functional if everything you need to do can be done within KeyPay alone.

This report, while it is good and functional, is limited in the number of insights that can be displayed in the exact way you need. If you have used the reporting in KeyPay and wanted more, this is your lucky day. We can now extract all of the beautiful data sitting inside KeyPay and allow you to build your reports in any tool of your choosing. Imagine the same data from KeyPay but now available in Power BI or Excel or any reporting tool of your choice. 

You can now make reports that are more comprehensive and, more importantly, create reports that automatically update without you having to go in and create them again.

Once you have the integration set up in SyncEzy, here’s how you can take that information and pull all of your data automatically using a gateway. This way you can have the gateway autorefresh your KeyPay data from SyncEzy and all of your reports and dashboards will always show the current data.

  1. Expand the Gateway Connection section right above Data Source Credentials.
  2. Install the gateway software and let it run on your PC. It will be called an on-premises data gateway (personal mode).
  3. Once you install this, refresh the page where you tried to enter the data source credentials. You will see an entry under Gateway Connection and under status, it should show “Running on <your PC name>”.
  4. Now go to Data Source Credentials and repeat the same steps by entering your credentials.
  5. It should now load successfully.

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