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Looking for a Detector Inspector alternative?

With the changing legislation in Victoria putting more rules on landlords around ensuring that their investment properties have the correct checks, property managers now need to ensure that each property they manage has been checked.

For some rental property managers, using a service like Detector Inspector seems like a viable option. Originally founded in 2005 by Jason Radolnik and Jordan Kagan Gescheit, Detector Inspector has provided home safety checks for over 250,000 houses. So why don’t all property managers use their service?

For many property managers, they already have relationships with local service providers who can provide:

  • Smoke alarm safety checks – local electrician
  • Gas safety checks – local gas plumber
  • Electrical safety checks – local electrician
  • Corded blind safety checks – local tradie
  • Water efficiency checks – local plumber
  • Essential fire safety check – local electrician

If rental property managers are looking for Detector Inspector alternatives, how can they handle the ongoing compliance needs?

By using a platform like PropertyMe to manage their rental properties and syncing the information across to the job management platform of their local tradie, they can ensure that jobs are managed correctly and client details are automatically updated. Using SynceEzy’s PropertyMe to simPRO integration, information from tenant records are synced across to the service provider’s software (simPRO) where they can schedule jobs, update statuses and handle their growing list of tenants.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive software solution than Detector Inspector, speak to our team about how linking your rental properties directly to local trades can make your life easier.


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