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In the olden days as a service provider, you’d ring up your local real estate agents and ask them if they need a dedicated provider to complete the work you were skilled in.

The process from there would be:

  • They accept and offer you some trial jobs
  • They call you with details of the job and you write it in your diary or they email through a work order.
  • If they had emailed through a work order, you would need to copy and paste the job order details across into your job management software, hoping not to get any details wrong.
  • If things got quiet, it could be because your key contact had left and the new contact started sending jobs to someone else

By integrating your job management software (simPRO) with your property manager’s property management software (PropertyMe), you can have new job contacts uploaded to your simPRO software on autopilot. The huge benefits to you are:

  • Making it so easy for property managers that they’d be adding more work to themselves if they stopped using your service
  • No more having two tabs open on your computer and copy/pasting line-by-line
  • Cutting down on the number of emails back-and-forth with property managers
  • Property details always in sync

If you’re looking to upgrade your work request process and make your service provider business more streamlined, get in contact with our team to discuss our latest PropertyMe to simPRO integration today.


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