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Connect payroll to HiBob HRIS

HiBob is one of the major HRIS (Human Resources Information System) platforms and our latest HiBob to KeyPay integration helps to add important features to the HiBob platform.

By connecting HiBob to a payroll software platform like KeyPay, you’ll have access to a seamless HRIS to payroll integration. The one-way data transfer ensures data security between systems, so you can pay employees on time, every time. Through the integration, SyncEzy pulls employee master data for new hires and changes, payments and deductions data, and other key datasets needed for payroll processing. Companies leverage HiBob as their single source of truth for employee data and seamlessly pass data to the KeyPay payroll system using our state-of-the-art integration.

Using SyncEzy to connect Bob with KeyPay you will:

  • Save time by updating HR data once with no need for double-data entry
  • Reduce errors with built-in data update validations
  • Enjoy a seamless data transfer: payroll data is automatically mapped and formatted for KeyPay
  • See data changes for each payroll cycle
  • See all payroll cycles in one place
  • Receive automatic notifications for any data errors
  • Easily request data from relevant parties before a cycle closes


What Is an HRIS?

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a computerized system that helps HR professionals manage all of the information related to human resources. It provides them with tools for planning, tracking, analyzing, and reporting on employee performance, compensation, training, benefits, and other aspects of human resource management.

The main purpose of an HRIS is to make sure that all of the relevant information about each employee is available at any time. The system should be able to store all of the necessary information about every single employee so that it can be easily accessed by anyone who needs it.

This includes:

  • Employee’s personal details
  • Salary history
  • Job title
  • Performance reviews
  • Training records
  • Benefits
  • Work schedule
  • Leave requests
  • Vacation days
  • Sick leave
  • And more


Integrating Payroll into your HRIS system

If you are using a standalone payroll program, then integrating it into your HRIS is not difficult. You’ll need to sign up to a payroll provider, like KeyPay, then use an integration product like SyncEzy’s HiBob to KeyPay integration to connect to your HRIS.

The main benefits of integrating payroll into your HRIS are:

  • Easy access to payslips
  • Easier scheduling of payroll payments
  • Better visibility into payroll costs
  • Improved accuracy of payroll calculations


Getting Started

If you’d like to connect your Human resources data and your payroll data, speak to a member of our sales team today to see if our HiBob to KeyPay integration will be a good fit for your business needs.


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