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Power BI to simPRO Integrations FAQs

SyncEzy currently offers seventeen powerful integrations between simPRO and other apps.  To help our clients, we’d like to answer some of their top questions about integrating simPRO with Power BI.


How often does the sync run?

The sync runs every night and extracts data from simPRO Backup and makes it available to connect from an external dashboard/reporting tool.


Can it be updated instantly?

No, At this stage, we’re limited by the frequency of simPRO’s database refresh.


What sort of data can be extracted?

The entire simPRO database, all  510+ tables of it, is extracted and reportable on.   Every single thing that’s entered in simPRO is available through this connection.


Which applications can I use this data to generate reports?

You can use this data in any analytics/reporting program that accepts a SQL database connection.  Typical examples include PowerBi, Tableau, Crystal reports, Klipfolio and more.

We provide a connection file to directly connect to PowerBI.


What sort of reports can be created with the data?

Job Costings, Invoices to date, Payments, Operational efficiencies, Payroll reports, Project costings, leave reports, forward planning, a Map view of timesheets, User lists based reporting, historical user lists, Overtime reports and more.

PowerBI and other systems also allow for data from multiple sources to be blended together in a single dashboard, for example taking data from simPRO and Xero together to provide a comprehensive view of Invoices.


What if I have a multi-company account?

The integration supports simPRO Multi-company out of the box.  In a multi-company setup, all companies use the same URL so the data is stored in a single database.


Does SyncEzy build the reports?

We don’t build reports for you. We provide the connection and access to data in PowerBI, You can either build your own reports or there are external service companies who can build the reports/dashboards for you.  We can refer you to companies who understand simPRO and PowerBI very well.


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