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Procore users already have their files stored and guarded by Procore’s gold standard security protocols. AES-256-bit encryption, continuous data backups and advanced permission settings and now you can access your digital files through your business cloud storage provider.

Building on top of Procore’s powerful Document Management Tool, the SyncEzy suite of cloud storage integrations ensure that your Documents filed in Procore can be quickly found, viewed and downloaded from your favourite cloud storage system. We had previously launched Procore integrations with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive and we’re excited to now release our Procore to SharePoint integration. The integration currently syncs Documents and mirrors file-labelling in your cloud storage system. To minimize the folders and avoid creating ghost structures in your cloud storage, only folders with files in them are mirrored across (empty folders are skipped). Upcoming upgrades to the Procore integration will be syncing RFIs, Photos, Drawings and Specifications.

If you’d like to discuss having your office team access Procore field files through SharePoint, get in contact with our sales team today.



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