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At SyncEzy, we’re big fans of Procore and their construction time card features. Their timesheets can be used for:

  • Comprehensive Time Collection
  • Production Quantity Tracking
  • Real Time Labor Productivity
  • Seamless Field-to-Office Integrations

These features enable companies to:

  • Quickly enter crew time data on their mobiles
  • Connect real-time labor budget to actual reporting
  • Analyse performance with powerful data

These are all great features but some of our construction companies needed more. They were searching for Procore Timesheet alternatives and, rather than look at other construction management software, they looked for ways to keep using Procore but extend their timesheet functionality. That’s when they ended up speaking to one of our sales professionals about using our Procore to TSheets (Quickbooks Time) integration so they can access features like:

  • GPS tracking of staff to see where staff travelled when they’re on the clock
  • Who’s Working to have real-time visibility of staff for better workforce management
  • Geofencing to make it easier for staff to remember to clock-in and clock-off
  • Advanced and complex leave tracking… and many more features

If you’re in the position of using Procore but needing more, speak to our team (via the chat button at the lower-right of your screen) about whether integrating TSheets (Quickbooks Time) will enhance your workflow.


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