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If you’re a property manager looking to automate your business, the number 1 area to get started is in reducing the number of manual processes you’re doing on a daily basis.

A key area where you can minimise your admin work is emails that you’re sending back to forth to get work done. You’ve got your preferred contractors in your email address book and can quickly send them an email requesting work but have you considered the work you’re doing to cut and paste information from one system to another?

By using our PropertyMe to ServiceM8 integration, you no longer have to cut & paste information from PropertyMe into emails. By having your PropertyMe account connected to your contractor’s ServiceM8 account, you can have work requests synced directly into your contractor’s accounts so they can see tenant contact details. Do you have multiple contractors servicing tenants? By applying specific labels to your PropertyMe contacts, you can have plumbing work requests go to your plumber, your electrical work requests go to your electrician etc

As you grow your business, you need to continually refine your processes and ensure you’re spending less time on admin and more time on business development. Speak to one of our sales team today to see the benefits that the PropertyMe to ServiceM8 integration can provide for your business.


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