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PropertyMe Integrations FAQ

SyncEzy currently offers four powerful integrations between PropertyMe and other apps. Our current PropertyMe integrations include:

  • PropertyMe to simPRO – if you’re looking to have job requests sent to your simPRO account from a property management PropertyMe account
  • PropertyMe to FieldMagic – if you’re looking to have job requests sent to your simPRO account from a property management PropertyMe account
  • PropertyMe to Mailchimp – if you’re looking to have PropertyMe contacts added to a Mailchimp mailing list so you can send automated email series
  • PropertyMe to Power BI – if you’re looking to extract data from PropertyMe to build dashboards or reports in Power BI (or use Power BI as your data warehouse)

To help our clients, we’d like to answer some of their top questions about integrating apps with PropertyMe.


How often does the sync run?

The sync runs automatically every 2 hours and extracts data from PropertyMe and syncs it with your other app. You also have an option to sync instantly from the integration portal.


What records can be extracted from PropertyME?

Anything that is supported by the PropertyMe API can be extracted and we are constantly adding to this list at all times. As of the current time, the following data from PropertyMe into other apps:

  • Properties (Filtered by a certain Label in PropertyMe, or All Properties)
  • Tenant Name and Contact Details
  • Landlord Name and Contact details
  • Property Manager name and Details.
  • All standard and custom fields from PropertyMe can be synced to the relevant fields in simPRO.


What happens when Tenants or Property details change?

When a property has any updates, for example, changed access code, renewal date, Tenants change etc, the details are flagged by PropertyMe and the sync can extract this data and send it over into other apps.

This includes changes to tenants or tenant contact details.  When a tenant has changed the new Tenant details get updated into other apps automatically.


How many contacts and properties can be synced? Are there any limits?

There is no limit to the number of contacts or properties that can be extracted. If the number of properties is more than a few thousand, The initial download can take up to 48 to 76 hours as we rate-limit the number of API calls we make into both platforms.

Once the initial sync is complete, The system keeps both the databases in sync, every two hours. So future updates should be pretty instant.


Can I get all the details of the property and tenant details, what about custom fields, access codes etc?

We can extract all the details from PropertyMe properties into your other apps sites & contacts areas.  We can also extract details like last inspection date, security codes, special instructions like beware of dogs, any special notes etc by using the pairing functionality in the integration.  This pairing can be customized further to your specific requirements.


What happens to the data after it has been extracted from PropertyMe?

The data is saved in the Trade company’s field services account, which is used by them to book/schedule the inspection jobs and service the apartments/ maintain the smoke alarms etc.  

This is no different if a job was sent over manually by hundreds of individual work orders.  The integration just takes out the manual work on both ends.


Who has access to the information and it can be read by whom?

The data that is sent over to your field services account can be read by users with the appropriate levels of access.  Typically only field service account system admins have access to the entire database of customers, technicians and inspectors only have access to the current day’s jobs and contact details of the customers they are visiting on the day.


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