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We’re just back from a massive simPRO Roadshow where we visited and met with hundreds of simPRO users across Australia (well at least the real cities 🙂 No offence Hobart and Darwin).

Met many customers and many prospects and learnt about everything new in the simPRO world.

Watch this space more announcements to come about newer integrations from us and making simPRO Customer’s lives easier.  Some recurring themes in what customers ask of us, and what we have coming up next.

– A deeper payroll and timesheet integration for simPRO.

– We are moving all our integrations to the New simPRO API that should allow us to build more and deeper functionality.

– With setup and installs automated hopefully this will make more integrations cheaper.

– Seamless connection to simPRO and Selectable Multi company support in the integrations.

– Supporting more CRMs to offer automated marketing and Automation to more than the five CRMs we support now.

More Custom integrations starting with a simple Excel integration for timesheets and scheduling and the simPRO Maintenance planner.

Starting with the first one, a Deputy Timesheets to simPRO Integration

We also visited the simPRO HQ in Brisbane and met with the API team Rick & Vaughan and CTO Jonathan Eastgate to get in on all the new stuff in the simPRO World. 

They are always such Gracious and Helpful Hosts ! 

Thank you all, now enough travel, back to work 🙂


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