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Join our clients in upgrading your Procore file sharing. While Procore does have standard file sharing features, by integrating Procore with OneDrive, you’ll have access to additional file sharing features.

Shared Folders in OneDrive

Shared folders include content that others have shared with you through their OneDrive or content that is a part of your shared library in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. Now when you share job files with non-Procore users, they can use the Add to OneDrive feature to be able to work on the shared content with the same power and flexibility as if they are files they own. This means that the added content can be synced, shared, and collaborated on—and that it retains all existing security and compliance policies.


Team Sharing on Procore files

Teams users of Microsoft 365 apps will now be able to share a OneDrive-synced Procore file from within Teams. Users have the option to create sharing links that provide access to anyone, people within your organization, people with existing access, or specific people, including those in a private or group chat.

Enhanced file protection in OneDrive

There are several advanced security features to ensure that you handle Procore files in OneDrive in the most secure way possible. Features include Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels with protectionautomatic classification with sensitively labelssensitivity labels for SharePoint sites, and information barriers. Additionally, admins will are able to implement automatic expiration of external access, multi-factor authentication policies, like prompting one-time passcodes (OTP), as well as extending continuous access evaluations to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Love Dark Mode?

If you spend large parts of your day working on job files, you’ll love the option to switch to Dark Mode when working with Procore files synced to OneDrive. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, Dark Mode also reduces eye strain and improves your device’s battery life.

File collaboration features

Need a way to make collaborating on Procore files as simple as possible? OneDrive’s file detail pane and activity feed let you see your file activity and comments in single view, so you can quickly get back into the flow of what you and your team are working on together.


Interested in knowing more?

One of the main reasons that companies get in touch with us is to upgrade their software use and ensure their team can scale without additional admin bloat. If you’re looking to work smarter with Procore files within OneDrive (or SharePoint, Google Drive or Dropbox), get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss what you need and whether our integrations will work for you.


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