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After months of development we are extremely proud to announce that we are now listed on the TSheets Marketplace as an official ASANA integration.
This integration and the listing is the result of months of effort from our development team and working closely with the support teams in TSheets and ASANA.

A special shout out to @Eric Maier, head of partnerships at TSheets and @Jared Chaney the Head of development at TSheets whose help in reviewing and approving the integration was critical to get this completed.

We look forward to working with ASANA and TSheets customers to helping them bring efficiencies to their business.  This integration would allow Asana projects to be sent directly to TSheets so employees can track the time spent on projects in TSheets.

Pricing is based purely on the number of projects and we think it brings tons of value and efficiency for businesses who want to use the right app for the right task.

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