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Very excited at the launch of our latest simPRO Integration, from simPRO to ASANA.

We know simPRO is great at managing materials, costs and overruns under control, while it’s not the best at collaborative work and task management.  If you’ve worked on large projects in simPRO you know how important it is at all times to know what everyone is working on and where the tasks are at all times.

As a manager you have a couple of options, terrorize your team leads to give you a status update every week or every couple of days in a review meeting, or you can simply have everyone work on a collaborative platform like ASANA.

See the video below for more details on how ASANA can make “Work” Happen.  #KillTheStatusMeeting

Here’s an 8 minute video on ASANA demo and product tour, check it out and imagine how much more stuff can be done if you could manage your simPRO projects collaboratively like that.

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