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Does Every Project you do have the same set of Tasks / Subtasks to be followed ? Ofcourse they all have their unique variabilities but are there some standard elements to these ?

We’ve just launched a new feature with the simPRO ASANA Integration that would allow you to create a standard Template of Sections / Tasks and Subtasks as a template in your integration settings.

Once setup whenever a new project is created in ASANA it will always follow this set of standard tempates and it will create these tasks and subtasks every single time.

For example, Imagine you are Batman preparing a new movie, considering that every movie has the same trusted formula your ASANA project standard tasks template might look like this.

Batman to do list in every movie!

Drive around Looking COOL in the BatMobile
-Show Off that shiny Cape
-Wizardry and Gadgets
-Some Mix of Xray / Sonar and Radar
Coach Robin:
-Take him for a driving lessons
-Save him from Dying
Ignore Alfred’s Sane Advise:
-Pretend to listen and walk away
-Get the ocassional emotional hug from the father figure
Save Hapless Victims:
-Come in late on the scene.
-After the news chopper arrives on late night TV
-Let the villains ramble on for a good 5 minutes
-Appear overpowered by the villains
-At the last millisecond turn the tables and save everyone
Enter JOKER :
-Find Joker
-Dismantle his evil plans
-Arrest Joker
Save Gotham:

Once you setup this template in SyncEzy, it is applied to every single simPRO Job that you convert to an ASANA Project.

Every project will have the same set of Sections / tasks / subtasks before the actual detailed cost centers come over from simPRO.

This way Batman can ensure no matter what the movie, it’s always a HIT !

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