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Integrations allow you to work seamlessly between applications, so data in one can be transferred to another automatically or on demand. This also means your staff can spend their time doing more value added work than just grunt work transferring data. Obvious benefits in automating the process means that it’s repeatable, scalable and accurate every single time.

CRM Integration

Use your CRM with Assignar, close more deals and win more projects. Make customers happy!

Since we’ve worked with many CRMs we can integrate Assignar with any of them.

Depending on your specific requirements and budget, some CRMs might be better suited to you than others. Get in touch and we can help you find the right CRM for your business needs.

MCS Integration

MCS is great for Rental Management, Assignar is great for field force managment. Now you can use both together and transfer data between systems as needed.

The SyncEzy MCS integration allows you to push work orders from MCS to Assignar for the field force to use during the day. Inspection Results can be pushed back from Assignar to MCS to keep track of damages and other rental costs.

Workbench Integration

Use the right tool for the right job: Workbench for major project management and Assignar to manage your field force.

Workbench remains your one source of truth for your projects while Assignar pulls info off workbench as needed.

Transfer actual labour cost data back from Assignar into Workbench to keep project costs under control.

Give your field staff the tools to make their life easier while giving the office the powerful project management in Workbench.

Custom Integrations

Do you need to connect Assignar with something else? Whether it’s an employment form on your website or other custom data that you want imported into Assignar.

As long as the application has an open API we can assist.

Just ask and we can plan an integration with you.

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