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We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially launched our PropertyMe to ServiceM8 integration, a true time-saver for property managers. Property managers who are using PropertyMe to manage their tenants and landlords will love the automation that this integration can provide.

By connecting PropertyMe to ServiceM8, property managers now have a Detector Inspector alternative where they can:

  • Continue to work with their preferred local trades & services for maintenance jobs
  • Have work requests auto-assigned to their chosen contractor
  • Cut down on copy/pasting of information
  • Cut down on emails and phone calls to arrange jobs for tenants
  • Ensure that all contact details are kept in-sync across their system and their contractor’s system

If you’re tired of making phone calls or sending emails for each maintenance request and want a more automated process for being proactive in your property management business, get in touch with our team today.



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