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Sync simPRO and XERO

As a business automation company, we’re always looking at the ways that we can use deep integrations to save hours, reduce mistakes and make our client’s lives easier. For our simPRO users, we’ve built an integration with XERO that will be a huge win in terms of automating their business processes.

Using the simPRO to XERO Payroll integration, simPRO users will be able to sync their timesheets to XERO Payroll, ensuring an easy, automated, accurate payroll every time. No more manual data entry or time-wasting on simPRO timesheet downloads and Xero timesheet uploads.

Comparing the manual process for exporting and uploading simPRO timesheets to XERO vs using our powerful new integration:

Old Process

  • Generate a timesheet
  • Select Summary as the display format
  • Click Submit
  • Click the download icon (right-hand side of screen)
  • Choose CSV as the export option

This gives you a CSV file that can then be uploaded into XERO. The CSV columns will display the following information

  • Each row represents a different time block in simPRO
  • Column C – labour type
  • Column D – lead, quote or job number
  • Column H – schedule date
  • Column I – number of hours
  • Column J – employee ID

New Process

  • Visit , register your details and subscribe to the simPRO to XERO integration
  • Authenticate and connect your simPRO and XERO accounts
  • Have your data automatically sync from simPRO into XERO

Speak to a member of our team today to discuss how powering up your simPRO system will help your business reduce errors and spending less time on payroll.


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