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Your business is running well using simPRO as your chosen field services software. You’ve streamlined your entire workflow from estimating and quoting to scheduling and job management. Implementing simPRO as your chosen job management software into your service business was one of your best decisions and you’re looking at a way to use simPRO as your CRM and email marketing software platform.

By connecting simPRO to a CRM & email marketing software platform like HubSpot, you’re able to do more with your trade leads & clients:

  • Lead stage (tracking trade leads) – you can categorise your trade leads and send automated but personalised campaigns to potential clients.
  • Service delivery stage (keeping trade clients updated) – you can use email marketing to help keep clients up-to-date and educate them on your process
  • Referral stage (maintaining trade client relationships) – once the work or project is completed, you can contact your simPRO clients through HubSpot as a way to get more business or ask for referrals.

Using an integration, like our simPRO to HubSpot integration, will ensure you have a centralised CRM and marketing platform that makes it easy for you to build sales funnels and attribute lead sources correctly. Add marketing and CRM features to your simPRO workflow today by speaking to a member of our sales team.


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