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Reader Question: What are the integration capabilities of simPRO with an email marketing provider like MailChimp. I’m interested in triggering emails to follow up quotes and then having the ability to identify when a lead/customer transitions through the different stages from lead to quote to customer to customer master mailing list. And then sending specific emails to each specific list. We are in the final stages of our training and we’re fully transitioned to simPRO so we’d like to explore any other integrations that might be useful. Thank you.

SyncEzy Answer: Thanks for your question about wanting a simPRO email marketing feature. simPRO doesn’t have their own in-built email marketing capabilities but several of our integrations mean that you can sync leads & contacts across from simPRO and follow-up those leads in your email marketing software. Our integrations in this space include:

  • simPRO to Mailchimp – sync your simPRO contacts with your Mailchimp Audiences then use automated email sequences to nurture leads or provide ongoing content (like blog content, industry updates etc)
  • simPRO to Hubspot – sync across your simPRO customers then use HubSpot to follow-up with your simPRO leads & contacts
  • simPRO to Keap – sync customers, contacts, quotes and jobs across to Keap (Infusionsoft) so you can follow up quotes with automated campaigns. Use automation to request reviews after jobs are complete.
  • simPRO to Zoho CRM – sync across your simPRO contacts and either stay in touch using Zoho CRM email workflows or say in contact by using Zoho Campaigns.

Not sure what integration to use? Speak to our friendly sales team so they can help you find the best solution to suit the specific needs of your business.


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