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Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

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As a leader in the simPRO integration space, SyncEzy makes it easy for you to connect simPRO to your current apps to extend the capabilities of simPRO, saving you time & money.

Our current simPRO integrations

simPRO Accounting integrations
  • Xero Payroll – to cut down on data entry mistakes and double-entry of data, the simPRO Xero Payroll integration sends your simPRO timesheets automatically to Xero Payroll.
simPRO CRM integrations
  • Salesforce – sync your simPRO contacts/customers, jobs and quotes with Salesforce to enrich your opportunity data and empower your sales staff.
  • Zoho – add a simPRO CRM to your toolbox with the simPRO Zoho integration pushing client/prospect data from simPRO into your Zoho CRM lead management solution.
simPRO Cloud Storage & Backup integrations
  • Dropbox – looking to sync and backup your simPRO documents & images? Use the simPRO Dropbox integration to automatically create new Dropbox folders labelled for fast retrieval.
  • Google Drive – if you’re a GSuite user and looking to back up your simPRO documents & images to Google cloud storage, use our simPRO Google integration.
  • OneDrive – if you’re using MIcrosoft products in your business and want to save on information back up costs, the simPRO OneDrive integration will work perfectly.
simPRO Data Warehouse integrations
  • Power BI – looking to get your company data out of simPRO, store in a data warehouse and view the data through intelligent dashboards? Use the Power BI simPRO integration to unlock the power of your datasets and drive business decisions.
simPRO HR integrations
  • Keypay – send your simPRO timesheets to your HR team using the simPRO Keypay integration.
simPRO Marketing integrations
  • HubSpot – build marketing automation into simPRO using the simPRO HubSpot integration triggering tasks, segmentation and customer communication.
  • Infusionsoft – have actions in simPRO trigger actions in Infusionsoft. Sync client data, trigger customer messaging, capture leads and send follow ups to simPRO quotes.
  • Mailchimp – easily export new simPRO contacts into Mailchimp audiences so you can run email marketing campaigns, retargeting your clients with ongoing messaging.
simPRO Project Management integrations
  • Asana – sync your jobs, projects, tasks and subtasks in simPRO with Asana to enable your team to visually manage projects within Asana using list view or Kanban view.
  • Encircle – push customer and cost details form simPRO to Encircle to help streamline your claims management process.
simPRO Timesheet integrations
  • Deputy – need a time-tracking extension for simPRO? Using our simPRO Deputy integration, you’ll be able to sync timesheets from Deputy and see labour costs reflected in simPRO.
  • TSheets – save hours of time by having your TSheets timesheet entries synced with your simPRO jobs.


Hari Iyer | SyncEzy
Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

Hari Iyer is the Founder and CEO of SyncEzy, a pioneering company at the forefront of data integration and automation solutions. With a deep understanding of the power of technology and a passion for solving complex business challenges, Hari has emerged as a visionary leader in the industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to delivering tangible results have earned SyncEzy a loyal global clientele.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an active contributor to the technology community, sharing his insights through thought leadership articles, speaking engagements, and mentorship programs. Hari’s ability to navigate the complexities of remote work serves as an inspiration for leaders, highlighting the importance of flexibility, work-life balance, and a results-oriented approach in today’s evolving work landscape.

Under his guidance, SyncEzy has gained widespread recognition for its deep integration solutions that seamlessly connect software applications, eliminate data silos, and enhance operational efficiency.

When not working, Hari is trying to be a better father, reading tech news, playing FPS games, and not exercising as he should.