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Use your simPRO data to prefill iAuditor Reports

Use Simpro Data to update Safety Culture inspections and get the Completed PDF back into Simpro Attachments.

For companies using simPRO that want to use a world class inspection and Audits app this integration offers a seamless workflow to connect the two together.

With SyncEzy’s simPRO to iAuditor integration, the workflow is simplified in the following way:

  • Job information is entered in to simPRO
  • Job ID is automatically available in an iAuditor predefined field.
  • The Technician then completes the inspection on the field simply selecting the Job Id from simPRO.
  • The Technician can then skip over all the 150 fields that can be prefilled from simPRO and focus on just getting the inspection done.
  • Once the inspection is completed the data from Simpro is backfilled into the inspection and all the details are updated from Simpro into the inspection.
  • When the audit/checklist is completed in iAuditor, the completed PDF is uploaded to the relevant job in simPRO
simPRO to SafetyCulture Forms integration (2)
Job IDs list Prefilled in inspections<br />
Job Information auto-filled in Inspection<br />
(All 150 Job Fields + Custom Fields)<br />
150 standard Fields and any Custom fields from Simpro can be filled in Inspections.
⏰ Instant Every-Minute Sync<br />
🚀 100% Automatic Integration<br />
🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️Multiple Inspections Per Job<br />
🎨Beautiful Customizable inspection reports<br />
👩‍💻🔐 Independent User/Permission Management<br />
👷‍♂️👷‍♀️  Ideal for Managing Subcontractors and Temps
simPRO to SafetyCulture Forms integration  Workflow Flowchart
SyncEzy is Soc2 Type 2 Certified</p>
<p>Official Simpro Partner for 6 + years</p>
<p>Official SafetyCulture Partner</p>
<p>50+ Deep Integrations built

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