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TSheets recently announced that they have changed their name and their new name is Quickbooks Time. TSheets has been a part of the Quickbooks family for three years and the name change represents the product being further consolidated into the Quickbooks family.

Let’s look at how the TSheets name change will affect your business:

  • Visitors to https://tsheets.com will be automatically redirected to https://quickbooks.intuit.com/time-tracking/
  • Currently, users can still login to Quickbooks Time using https://app.tsheets.com/signin but this will shortly change to the new TSheets login address of http://tsheets.intuit.com/
  • Branding within apps will change from the TSheets logo to the new Quickbooks Time logo
  • Searching for the TSheets app in the iOS App Store will show the Quickbooks Time Tracker app as the top result
  • Searching for the TSheets app in the Google Play Store will show the Quickbooks Time Tracker Android App (with 15,000+ reviews, averaging 4/5 stars)
  • Integrations with TSheets will continue to work as usual

If your team was looking into using TSheets, get in contact with our team who can ensure you get set up properly on the new Quickbook Time platform with integrations that enhance your business.


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