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Procore FAQs

As a growing integrations company, we get asked about integrations and software all the time. One popular software program that we integrate with is Procore.

Some of our current top Procore integrations include:


Procore Sync Questions

Q: We are currently using Procore Sync and we also use MS Office 365, including Sharepoint, for our company files. What option would you recommend for our business?

A: If you’re using Procore Sync, you’ll know that it is closing down soon. To minimise any disruption to staff, we’d recommend that your best alternative to Procore Sync is the Procore to SharePoint integration.

Q: We’re interested in connecting Procore to our document storage software…

A: Check out the integrations options above to see how you can connect Procore to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Sharepoint.

Q: Is your Procore to OneDrive integration automatic or do I have to manually push files across?

A: The process is automatic and the integration syncs each 30 minutes as long as the OneDrive file or folder has been edited and saved

Q: Can you provide an “outside of Procore” back up for our Procore data?

A: Yes, you can create a backup of Documents and Photos using the integrations mentioned above.

Q: I’m wondering if you have or are creating an integration between Procore and Box, similar to the existing integrations of Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive?

A: We don’t currently have an integration with Box but would be happy to discuss a custom integration or have your name added to our waitlist.

Q: We are looking at your solution as a way to get Procore data from multiple Procore accounts into our SharePoint site. We work with lots of clients and contractors that use Procore as their medium and we would like to be able to get the data from the accounts we have been given into our Sharepoint site. Is this even possible?

A: Yes, we can connect multiple Procore accounts to our SharePoint integration.

Q: I would like to connect Procore with Zoho CRM, can you help with this?

A: We don’t currently have an integration between Procore and Zoho CRM (we do have a simPRO to Zoho CRM integration) but would be happy to discuss a custom integration or have your name added to our waitlist.

Q: We’re looking into timesheet software and we currently use Procore, what time-tracking software would you recommend that works with Procore?

A: We’d recommend that you look at using Quickbooks Time (formerly TSheets) as your Procore timesheets app. They have all the core features you’ll need and integrate with Procore well.



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