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We’re excited to announce that our Procore to Dropbox integration has been spotlighted in the Dropbox App Marketplace.

Since being listed in the Procore marketplace, we’ve been working with Procore and Dropbox users to ensure we best serve their construction business file management needs.

A major reason for integrating Procore and Dropbox is to improve the workflow of construction companies.

Some file handling benefits they gain through this new integration are the ability to:

  • annotate Procore images in the Dropbox app
  • view Procore Documents & Photos in Dropbox mobile & tablet apps
  • share Procore files with non- Procore users
  • set up custom sharing permissions to enable sharing of confidential information with clients & contractors
  • view Procore files on the native Dropbox Mac app
  • collaborate on documents with other staff

If you’re looking for a storage or sync solution for your construction company, get in touch with one of our team members to discuss.

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