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SyncEzy  Achieves Tier 2 CASA Accreditation

Today marks a significant milestone for SyncEzy (3D Consulting Pty Ltd Trading as SyncEzy), as we proudly announce our achievement of the CASA Tier 2 (Lab Tested – Lab Verified) accreditation. This esteemed recognition is a testament to our steadfast commitment to application security and our dedication to protecting our users’ data with the utmost integrity.

Our successful completion of the comprehensive Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) is a resounding validation of SyncEzy’s security capabilities. The rigorous CASA framework, based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), provided the bedrock for our evaluation. This industry-aligned security assessment confirms that SyncEzy’s integrations are designed and developed to meet the highest standards of security verification.

The independent assessment, conducted by DEKRA — an authorized lab of the App Defence Alliance — scrutinized SyncEzy’s integrations across various critical security domains, including architecture, authentication, session management, access control, and more. We are delighted to report that SyncEzy has successfully met and surpassed all the required application security requirements across the following categories:

– Architecture, Design, and Threat Modeling
– Authentication Verification
– Session Management
– Access Control
– Validation, Sanitization, and Encoding
– Stored Cryptography
– Error Handling and Logging
– Data Protection
– Communications
– Malicious Code
– Business Logic
– File and Resources
– API and Web Service
– Configuration

This accreditation demonstrates SyncEzy’s unwavering resolve to uphold the highest security standards, providing our users with verified, safe, and reliable integration solutions. Our clients can continue to trust SyncEzy with their critical data processes, knowing that their information is safeguarded by lab-tested and verified security measures.

For further details on the CASA requirements and the specifics of our assessment, please visit our website or the official CASA information page.

We at SyncEzy express our gratitude to our diligent team, whose expertise and hard work have been crucial in achieving this accreditation. We also extend our sincere appreciation to DEKRA for their robust assessment services and detailed testing process. SyncEzy is committed to continuous improvement and will persist in setting the benchmark for secure integration solutions.

For additional information about this accreditation or to learn more about SyncEzy’s services, please contact [email protected].

Here is more information on the CASA Certification from APP DEFENSE ALLIANCE  and Security Assessment Provider DEKRA

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