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 Our Integrations

 If you have an idea, we can   bring it to life!

Do you need a Custom TSheets Integration?

If it’s an API Integration with TSheets you are after, chances are we’ve done something similar before

Reach out to see how we can apply our knowledge to simplify and automate your processes.  If your application has a published API, chances are we can make it do what we need.

What can be integrated with TSheets?

The possibilities are truly endless when considering what kind of integration you could have with TSheets.  Here are a few ideas:

Payroll Integration

 Integrate TSheets with your Payroll System for:

  • Automatic entry of hours
  • Overtime and Leave mapping for easy payroll
  • Easy import of employee records to TSheets
  • Error minimisation by eliminating data entry
  • Hours of time saved!

Project App Integration

Track time easily on the go against the projects your team are working on by connecting your Project Management App for added features such as:

  • Automatic Project, Task & Subtask Import to TSheets
  • Cost of labour records in your Project App
  • Accurate productivity records

HR Management App Integration

Integrate TSheets with your Human Resources Management system for features such as:

  • Automatic Entry of Employee Data upon hiring
  • Easy Record keeping relating to Hours Worked
  • Compliance and Legal records for GPS Tracking

How will the Integration Process work?

Most of the time we can offer an initial estimate for free without any service fees, where we investigate the APIs of the applications in question, plan the methods, and submit a proposal to do what you need.   Once you approve we develop the integration, with a significant investment of time and effort from our side for this integration to be scalable, feature rich and perfectly usable for your requirements. 

Why SyncEzy?

We are not an integration Platform company (IPAAS) that superficially connects apps, pushing only basic data from one to the other.

We build intelligent, 2 way integrations that syncs more than just your standard data. We go deeper in our integrations to make sure that your business needs are met.

All our integrations are planned with our  customers, for our customers, and are expertly mapped out , developed, tested and maintained.

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