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The importance of list hygiene and double opt-ins in your Infusionsoft campaigns


The key to maximum deliverability of your marketing emails to your database is to have a clean, trusted sender reputation. To make sure your sender reputation is squeaky clean, be strict with your list hygiene by ensuring the following:

  • All contacts have given their explicit permission to receive marketing emails. This could have been via a web form or opt-in box or voluntarily and specifically in person at an event. If a contact hasn’t given their explicit permission, use a method other than email to ask for it (phone, in person) or remove them from your list.
  • Your contacts have “Double Opted In” to your mailing list. Confirm your contact’s email address by sending a double opt-in link with a Email Confirmation sequence in your campaign. This will upgrade your contact’s opt-in status to “confirmed” and will identify falsely entered or mistyped addresses. Double Opt-in confirms that the contact is definitely interested in your business, and these contacts are the hottest leads.
  • Role Accounts have been eliminated. Email addresses such as “info@” or “admin@” are typically shared among multiple employees in a business, or transferred from one person to another and therefore present a risk of generating spam complaints. If a contact signs up with a role account, ask them for another address to send marketing to, and remove any role accounts that don’t respond to your request.
  • Unengaged contacts are regularly removed from your list. Any contact that has not opened or clicked in the past 4 months should be considered unengaged and removed from your marketable list. You can automate the prevention of this by sending re-engagement emails long before this point. Track your contact activity and create triggers accordingly so that this is all effortless.

Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to your marketing database.  Contacts that want to receive emails from you are the ones that will engage, and ultimately BUY!

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