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If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to marketing, targeting to specific niches within your customer pool is essential.

Your customers, when they receive communication from you, need to feel that you know and understand who they are and what they need, and believe that you are the one to give it to them.


Utilise the tools you already have

There are 3 very easy ways to segment your customer database when you are using simPRO to manage your jobs, and these are fields in simPRO that you are probably already using:

  1. Customer Group
  2. Customer Profile
  3. Customer Tags

Customer Group

The simPRO Customer Group field is generally a way to segment your customers based what type of customer they are, such as domestic, industrial, commercial, etc.  These different groups would definitely need different forms and frequency of marketing communication.

Customer Profile

The simPRO Customer Profile field  is often used to easily identify the quality or maturity of your relationship with the customer.  Profiles, such as gold, silver or bronze, assist in evaluating the level of commitment or financial risk associated with your customers.   You could use this field to send VIP communications and specials, and make your most valued customers know that they matter.

Customer Tags

You can use Customer tags to identify just about anything about your customers – the products or services they have purchased, the industry they are in, associations they belong to…

Marketing possibilities based just on these are endless!  Here are few examples, just for inspiration:

  • Send a promotional email to all customers who have purchased an Air Conditioning unit in the past and offer a discount on yearly maintenance
  • Create a quote nurture campaign designed to speed up your sales cycle and split it into threads based on Customer Group – Domestic customers would be followed up more casually, and with higher frequency, than Commercial customers.  SMS marketing can be added to the domestic nurture, but is less effective for B2B.  
  • Create a monthly event for you VIP customers and show them the love

The Power of the CRM

Of course, you can market to your customers using any email tool and a csv export.  If you want to make life easy for yourself, consider using a CRM and Marketing Automation application, such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM or Infusionsoft.  

Even better, integrate it with simPRO and make it all happen automatically! Ask us how!

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