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Flexibility in the field as a Technician is a must, so you need to have the right tools in the palm of your hand.

TSheets Mobile App offers this functionality simply and effectively.
By utilizing the flexibility of the app, it can drastically reduce the unproductive time caused by the inefficiency of clocking out and clocking in again to switch between Jobs or Cost Centres.

The mobile application also provides the ability for your technicians to submit their timesheets on the go. There is no longer a need to waste hours, even days, chasing your employees for their timesheets.

The less time spent on fumbling with a time tracking software means more productive and profitable hours in the day.

If an app is not quite the right for your business, there is also a Time Clock Kiosk!


TSHEETS Time Clock Kiosk – Clock in, Switch Jobs and Clock Out with ease.


The days of ineffective time-punch cards are behind us with TSheets Time Clock Kiosk.

With the implementation of the Time Clock Kiosk employees can clock in from one device, using four-digit PINs as well as utilizing a layer of biometric security by capturing the employees’ image. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional time clocks and is available across multiple platforms.
From within the TSheets Kiosk, an Employee can, Clock in, take a Break, Switch Between Jobs and Submit a Timesheet with a simple click of a button. The Time Clock Kiosk is a streamlined Time management system feeding the data directly back to TSheets and simPRO ready to export to your payroll system!

Take a look at the video below to see easy it is to switch between Job and Cost Centres and Submit a Timesheet on the Time Clock Kiosk which feeds into simPRO and your payroll system with a click of a button!

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