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TSheets is changing the way it’s billing clients.

Yes, TSheets is changing the way it’s billing for the number of users. Until now we were one of the few TSheets specialists who offered our clients a special version of TSheets with “Flexible Billing”  It basically meant that you only get charged for users in TSheets who actively login or submit timesheets into TSheets.

TSheets Users Activity List
The previous policy meant that only users who have had any “Activity” in the last 30 days were charged a license fee, You could leave your entire employees and Contractors in the “Active” list and  be only charged for the users with activity.

In the First screenshot only the  Blue User would have been charged since she’s the only one with activity in the last 30 days.

However all that’s changing, Tsheets new policy means that the entire number of users in your active list will be chargable. This is the number in Brackets against the word Active (XXX)

This is a big change and it means TSheets admins have to be vigilant to archive any users who are “no longer active”.  As a solution SyncEzy will now automatically “Archive” inactive users on the 25th of the month.

Our system will keep track of the employees activity in TSheets and on every 25th of the month, we’ll check for any employees who have not had any activity and “Archive” them so you don’t get charged for them.  This is provided as a service for no additional fee as a part of our service to provide a honest billing system where we only charge you for what you use.

We will be rolling out this change to all our customers on the 25th of this month.

What does it mean for me as a TSheets Admin: 

Inactive employees will be automatically archived on the 25th if they have no activity for the past 25 days.

  • You can assist in this by Archiving employees who don’t need to use the system, this prevents inactive employees by blocking their access as a result no activity can be recorded by them.
  • If an employee has been archived, you can restore them back by going into the “Archived list” and changing their status using this three dots menu.

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