Hey everyone we are super stoked to announce our next integration in Tsheets.
TSheets to Dropbox, TSheets to OneDrive and TSheets to Google drive

This is from Tsheets to all the major cloud storage systems. In these challenging TSheets users who are small and medium business need more efficiency and automation than ever.

We are proud to be launching 3 new integrations that will help the growing TSheets community in a big way.

These integrations will automatically download attachments and photos from the Tsheets timesheets into automatically created folders in the cloud storage locations.

Each client or job will get its own folder in Dropbox or Google drive or OneDrive and those folders will be automatically updated with additional attachments and photos as they are uploaded by the field staff.

On the way out of Tsheets and into cloud storage we will also rename the files so that they are searchable, have the correct metadata, and can be easily previewed based on job, client, date range or the user who has uploaded them.

We certainly think this will make a big difference to small and medium businesses all over using Tsheets with other systems.  Let us know if you 

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