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In our latest release of the simPRO TSheets integration, we introduced a new feature for Attachments, since then we have improved the functionality even more!

With the new attachment name format, it makes identifying and searching for attachments a breeze as you can see the Employee Name and Date Submitted in a glance without needing to cross-reference with TSheets. It also creates a degree of accountability as the attachment title is date stamped and easy to identify.

Previously, when adding an attachment to a timesheet entry the attachment name would appear as the auto-assigned name from the device, for example, “IMG_5906823.png”.

The new attachment name will now display as;

simPRO Employee ID | Employee Name | Job Number | Section ID | Cost Centre Number | Date | TSheets Attachment ID


With the new and improved attachments feature the attachments will automatically be named in an easy to read format.

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