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Have you read about our simPRO to Mailchimp integration and you’re ready to get started?

We’ll run through the steps to getting started below but first, let’s look at some of the main benefits that our clients are finding in using the integration:

  • Keep in touch with their client base via segmented lists in Mailchimp
  • Maintain better relationships with their clients and generate more referrals and develop relationships further 
  • Segment their clients into various lists and target each one with an autoresponder series that’s designed for that group
  • Permanently do away with exporting and importing csv files through an integration that works in the background and keeps everything in sync every 2 hours

The steps to getting started are:

  1. Register a SyncEzy Account here
  2. Find the simPRO / Mailchimp integration from the Integration library
  3. Subscribe to the simPRO / Mailchimp integration
  4. Authenticate simPRO
  5. Authenticate Mailchimp
  6. Complete the configuration steps

We’ve also recorded a short video on the steps to getting started.

If you need help during the setup stage, get in contact with our support team using the chat widget (bottom-right of Integration portal screens).


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