We are proud to announce that our Salesforce TSheets integration is now listed on the TSheets Marketplace. It has passed the thorough review thorough TSheets and is now approved and listed as an official integration.

This integration came about because a Client who was already using TSheets for their technical field staff wanted the same level of time tracking and accountability from their Sales team.

Sales people in general, (Including yours truly the writer of this post) are generally pretty bad at recording time against activities or tasks. Finally this integration allows for a super easy time tracking system by converting Opportunities / Projects into Jobs in TSheets so time can be tracked effortlessly.

Of course with the same time being then sent to Payroll from TSheets.  This integration allows for Salesforce Objects to be sent to Tsheets for time tracking, it can currently send Opportunities and custom objects into TSheets, it can also be customized to extract the time sheets from TSheets and then sent back to Salesforce for consolidated reporting in a single location.

For details on the integration including a demo video and some screenshots go to the Salesforce TSheets integration page  

If you need anything to do with taking data in our out of TSheets, reach out to us as chances are we can most certainly help.

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