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We often get requests from customers about various cloud services that could be integrated with simPRO. One thing that we often hear is to have an integrated appointment booking solution. We’ve thought about building this off and on but now all plans have now been shelved because it is being developed by simPRO themselves.

For a long time simPRO Google Calendar Integration has been the highest ranked item on the simPRO customer’s wish-list forum with hundreds of votes. Obviously lots and lots of customers are looking for this integration.

The good thing for everyone waiting to use Google Calendar integration is that it is now in the pipeline. As per the simPRO Product Roadmap a full 2 Way integration is in the works and scheduled to be released in Q4 of 2015.

Which means all of you simPRO users are in for a nice Christmas Gift from simPRO.


When you add this with the fact that Google Calendar now allows appointment bookings .  This has the potential to simplify a lot of your appointment booking problems.

Since this feature is not available on personal accounts, i.e. not available on accounts, only available on Paid Google Apps accounts.   You will need a paid Google Apps account to make this work, so this means another monthly subscription, but in general Google Apps are worth it in just the broad array of services they offer.  Here’s their pricing.


If you already have Google Apps, Here’s a video tutorial on how to set-up Booking of Appointment Slots right now. Only thing to change in December is this information will be synced Automatically from Google Calendars to simPRO calendars.

Check back in here in December as we will test and write up a detailed post about how to best integrate Google calendar with simPRO technician’s calendar, or simply subscribe here to keep updated with the latest in Business Automation.

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If you have any other custom integration requirement of apps and programs you want to integrate with simPRO reach out to us below and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.


Have you tried other online Appointment booking solutions ? What has your experience been with integrating calendars ? Leave us a comment below, let us know.

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