Custom simPRO API Integrations

If you can think of an Automation function that needs to happen after an action in simPRO,

Chances are very good that we can build it.

We have integrated simPRO with Custom Web Forms, Properitary legacy databases,  Multiple CRMs, Custom Timesheet forms, 3rd party Job Seeking websites & platforms like HiPages, Service Central and more…


Do you know what you want done as a process, but need some questions answered on how to automate it ? No worries, call us!

Just recently, We have simplified an 8 step multiperson timesheet entry and invoicing process for a large organisation into a simple online, web based custom app that can do everything that previously needed TWO full time office staff.

The possibilities are limitless.

We’ve done this BEFORE.

If it’s an API Integration you are after, chances are we’ve done something similar before.  Reach out to see how we can apply our knowledge to simplify and automate your processes.  If your application has a published API chances are we can make it do what we need.




How does the process work ?

Most times we can offer an initial estimate for free without any service fees, we’ll investigate the other API, plan the methods, and submit a proposal to do what you need.   Once you approve we develop the integration with a significant investment of time and effort from our side for this integration to be scalable, feature rich and perfectly usable for what you need.

By being the first you also get to have the maximum input and shape the integration to suit your processes. We have a scalable infrastructure at our back end on Amazon EC2 Servers based in Sydney to scale up our computing power every time a new integration comes online. Our goal is to get this working right so we can have you as a successful case study and have the integration available for more users.

So what can be done with API ?

Well here again, your imagination is the limit of what’s possible here, for example here are some simple routine repetitive tasks that can be easily integrated

  • Creation of contacts from inquiries received on the website.
  • Creation of JOBS based on webforms filled or predefined templates.
  • Take a set of specific actions based on certain criteria on Jobs or Quotes.
  • Do a bunch of tasks outside simPRO when certain trigger events take place in simPRO.
  • Change JOBS / Quotes / Assets / etc based on any external triggers received.
  • Extract certain specific information out and push it out into another application.
  • Automate any other routine or repeated actions that happen after any trigger event.
  • Feed the Dog, Tell a story to the kids, Wash the car, Make the wife happy.
  • Really there’s no end to the possibilities….well except maybe make the wife happy part..

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We are also a simPRO approved partner, we’ve worked with tons of simPRO users to help fit simPRO to their custom requirements.

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