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One of our clients is a popular Sydney property manager who was looking at how to squeeze more hours out of a day. With a full calendar and targets to meet, they were looking at whatever option they could find to get some of the tasks off their plate.

Should they look at outsourcing some of their property management work? Should they hire more property management staff to handle their daily admin and follow-up?

After a Google search for ways to automate tenant onboarding, they found SyncEzy and were excited to see that the SyncEzy team could connect their property management platform, PropertyMe, with Mailchimp, their email marketing software (using our PropertyMe to Mailchimp integration).

Their first moves into automation included:

  • Automating the welcome process – once a contract had been signed, a welcome email was scheduled to be sent from Mailchimp with important information and contact details
  • Automating maintenance reminders – people are busy and often don’t get time when signing leases and setting up their new home to read through the paperwork they’ve been given. By automating an email to be sent after the tenant has settled in, the tenant gets important information like property care tips (exhaust cleaning, shower cleaning, electrical safety) in their inbox.
  • Automating follow-up – sending a delayed email to the tenant after a few months with emergency contact details & process for raising issues, ensures that the relationship is maintained and that the tenant has key information on hand.
  • Automating inspection checklists – by sending an automated email to the tenant with inspection details and key cleaning details, the inspection process is made easier.
  • Automated updates – by sending rental property legislation updates, market updates and more care tips, you are presented as the authority in the real estate space leading to more referrals.

If your business is looking for property management automation tools so you can streamline your business, get in touch with our friendly team to organise a demo.


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