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Do you use simPRO with CRM ?

We want to talk to you, we are looking at building a standard integration between simPRO and  We know it’s a great product with over a 1.5 million users, we want to know what are the kinds of workflows you’d like to create between simPRO and

It’s certainly perfectly within our realm of capabilities to build an integration between simPRO and Insightly CRM,  Insightly topped the charts in winter 2017 in a survey conducted by G2 Crowd and this was based on various parameters of customer satisfaction.

What we are interested in is to see how the customers use the workflows and automation in Insightly to automate and  systematize their processes.  If you are a current user of Insightly please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you about why you’ve preferred insightly over others and talk about how we can integrate simPRO’s serious Job Management and Insightly’s relationship centric approach.

At last count Insightly had over 44,000 Users in Australia and growing fast, so watch this space

We have Insightly in our sights 


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