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These days there’s hardly a service that doesn’t send you a post sales survey, if you’re not doing this you’re missing out big time on opportunities to wow your customers and convert any potentially negative experiences and reviews into positive ones.

Here’s an example from Air Asia.

The first email starts simply enough with a question.

How likely are you to recommend AirAsia to your family and friends?

When you click on any of these numbers in the email each number can go to a different web page altogether probing the customer further for feedback.

So the survey can dynamically update based on the surveys response.

In the above survey

Selecting 9 would take you to a page with this question.

Great to hear that! Please tell us what made your experience so exceptional?

Whereas selecting 1 would ask this question.

We are so sorry to hear about your experience. Could you tell us how we should improve?

So in this way the survey adapts to the surveys initial response and meets the customer at a more human place with some empathy.

This survey of course was sent from and there are others like it etc.

Using any of these services however requires you or one of your admin staff to export the list of jobs every week / every day? Extract the list of customer names and email addresses, then upload this name and emails to this third party service, then compile the reports and feed it back.

Doing it this way, You also can’t provide any context with the site address or other details about the job in the emails.

A process like this is highly likely to break at any of the manual steps.

The good thing is we can automate all of this for you, our Infusionsoft integration allows you to send rich dynamic surveys to customers automatically when jobs are completed.

We can also send these only when certain specific conditions are met, so you’re not flooding your regular clients (think real estate agents / strata etc) with 10 surveys in a week.

If you’d like to see this in action contact us for a demo to see how we can automate your processes.

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