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With 2020 fast approaching, why not make a New Year’s resolution to kick start your business’ sales and marketing capacity with a CRM.  Unlike most New Year resolutions implementing a CRM in your business means less work for a greater gain throughout 2020. 

There are many CRM services available to users and they benefit businesses of all kinds, be it small, medium or enterprise businesses. 

CRM systems were built with sales and marketing techniques in mind and to make them easier. Here are a few ways how they help.

1. Lead Generation


Nowadays, you can link tracking codes, web forms, social media plugins and many more outlets to your website. This makes it a lot easier to answer inquiries and chat with potential customers, monitor their current activities and understand their behaviours. 

Even with traditional methods such as phone call inquiries, you can collect data and information about the prospective lead. Your lead activity and trends can help you learn strategies on how to convert them into profitable opportunities. Nurturing your leads is a continuous process

2. Analyze data of customers, leads, vendors and more


With enough data, a CRM system can intelligently create data sets which can help you understand lots of useful information. Just like how you can understand lead behaviour, you can also understand the behaviours of existing customers, returning customers and even vendors you might be associated with.  

Analytics can help shape your sales & marketing strategies because there is a lot of useful information you can understand. You may be doing things right or you may have to change the way you do things.

Analytics can also be very helpful in understanding how users interact with your social media platforms. Social media platforms are the best way to reach out to potential new customers.

3. Marketing Campaigns


Most CRM systems also have tools which allow for campaigns to be sent out to your customers. You can create campaigns through channels such as emails or social media to reach out to potential or existing customers. You can entice your customers with offers or special services that you provide through automated campaigns.

Just like every other tool in CRMs, marketing campaign tools also provide analytical data such as the number of clicks, number of unsubscribes and how customers interact with your campaigns. 

There are many CRM tools available to choose from in the market such as Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot and more. Each of these platforms has its strengths but as CRM systems they are equally solid and can serve your business well. 

At SyncEzy, we specialize not just in customising your CRM systems but we can also integrate the different tools you use, be it accounting software, timesheet trackers, emails and much more. No task is too challenging, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to integrate your business apps and automate your business processes!

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