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Here’s a clearer picture update on everything that the ZOHO CRM Plus account gives you.

It’s a single subscription that gives you access to ZOHO CRM, plus 8 additional business apps. ZOHO Calls it the Customer Engagement Suite. It is the one power tool that gives your customer facing teams everything they need to manage every customer interaction. Let’s take a closer look at the apps and what they offer.


Better Customer Relationships with CRM

The All powerful ZOHO CRM. This is your central Hub of Customer info where everything else feeds in together.  We can integrate this with simPRO the one source of truth in your business.

Offer Web Chat with Sales IQ

Get powerful chat bot functionality and engage with customers right from every page on your website with a custom chat message. Integrate all the chats back into CRM so everyone an keep tabs on every conversation.


ZOHO Desk for Ticketing and Support

This is what we use as the helpdesk / ticketing system to manage incoming support inquiries from customers. Ensure every customer issues gets resolved to satisfaction.

Send Email Newsletter campaigns with ZOHO Campaigns

ZOHO Campaigns is your Mailchimp replacement, that allows you to send newsletters and bulk emails to segmented portions of your customer list always in Sync with your CRM


ZOHO Projects

The hub of internal projects and task management in your business. Use it to manage internal tasks, projects and more.

ZOHO Social

Connect all your social accounts from Facebook to Linkedin to Twitter and manage them all from one place. Keep track of what customers are talking about you and your brand.


ZOHO Reports

Connect different data sources to generate a single data analytics dashboard. Connect CSVs excel or live online databases.

ZOHO Survey

Create a survey in minutes. Reach your audience on every device. View results graphically and in real-time.


ZOHO Motivator

Zoho Motivator captures the data from your CRM account to give you real-time insights of your sales activities. Get analytics, create targets & contests and give your team the recognition they deserve.

As an Authorized ZOHO Partner we are extremely proud to be able to provide this impressive suite of apps. We have seen great results implementing the ZOHO for our customers and look forward to assisting you with the same.


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