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A successful sales closure rate is an integral component of all businesses, no matter the industry. Luckily there is a formula and a set of rules that can significantly increase a potential sale going all the way. An essential sales rule that is easy to complete is following up a potential client on their decision, but it is often delayed or forgotten, which can mean missing out on a Sales Win.

Roughly 80% of sales are not made in the first contact and still require a salespersons attention after a Quote has been sent and research has shown that consistently following up of potential clients can heavily influence their decision for a positive response. Statistically, Salespeople spend 21% of their day sending follow up emails, 17% entering data, another 17% prospecting and researching leads, 12% going to internal meetings, 12% scheduling calls, and only a third of their day is spent talking prospective clients. To simplify, the client follow up is a massive part of the sales process and can take up a large chunk of the day, so why not automate 21% of a sales workday which will result in more time spent with new prospective clients!

With Zoho, automating a sales workflow is the software’s bread and butter. Zoho is designed to streamline your business and every aspect of your business, so automating Quote Follow Up within Zoho can be completed with ease.

A few benefits of an Automated Quote Follow Up process includes, increased sales-win, reduced required manpower for one task and the reduction of human error.

1. How will Automated Quote Follow Up increase my Sales Win?


Simply put, client relationships. A quote follow up represents more than a potential sales win, to a prospective client on the receiving end of a follow up it shows genuine interest and value in the client. With Zoho, you can create generic templates, that inputs personalised details in emails to the client. A client-specific email is more ten times more likely to be opened and read that a generic email which significantly increases the sales-win potential.

2. How Will Automated Quote Follow Up Reduce Required Manpower?


While a Sales Team is a critical component of a business, their main focus should be new prospective clients. A sales pipeline broken down into its purest form is Contact, Qualify, Follow Up, Close. Contact and Qualify are a salesperson dependant task that at some stage will always require a salesperson touch, by automating the follow-up process it cuts down a salespersons workload by 25%, as cutting downtime out of the field (Offline). By reducing the time spent following up quotes and clients, another salesperson is no longer required to cover the first employees “offline” time and salesperson can focus on drumming up new business.

3. How Will Automated Quote Follow Up Reduce Human Error?


Human error comes into play when following up prospective clients, potentially missed contacting the client or choosing to focus on more lucrative business only resulting in smaller business quotes to fall by the wayside. The question should be, how many quotes do you send out a week, and how many of those clients are contacted again? From the Clients approached, how many became new business? Sales analysis shows, roughly 80% of clients touched will close a deal, so if every potential client is contacted as opposed to just more notable quotes it would mean a higher sales closure rate across the board.


Zoho provides a platform to run a business, but it also provides the tools to make it more successful. A simple process like Quote Follow Up automation can drastically improve your sales closure rate and reduce the workload for the Sales Team. At the end of the day, why wait, lets automate!

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