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If you’re a property manager using PropertyMe, you’ll love our new PropertyMe to Mailchimp integration.

Once a new tenant moves in to their property, you can set up automated tenant email campaigns that help you:

  • Welcome new tenants to their property. By adding some Mailchimp personalisation, you can welcome tenants and give them updates on rent frequency, rental office contact numbers and the protocol for reporting repairs
  • Send an automated email sequence that outlines the key maintenance tasks they need to keep their property clean and up-to-standard. This might be through prompting tenants to clean dishwasher filters, weed garden beds, clean bathroom filters, trim bushes and ensure that no litter is left on the property
  • Send emails asking clients if they’d like to leave a review for your business on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

Ready to automate your property management business, educate tenants and get more testimonial love online? Power-up PropertyMe with email campaigns by Mailchimp using our latest integration!



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