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simPRO CRM Integration.


We all know simPRO is great at a whole bunch of things in running your business, everything from Job Management, Stock Management, Tracking vehicles, etc but all of this comes after you have business coming in through the door.  SimPRO is great for inward facing actions, like telling your technicians where their next job is? Or telling the office which part is running out of stock ? Who is scheduled on what job ?

In fact when you look at simPRO’s website they are very clear on their priorities.

1)   DO          2) CHARGE         3)  REPEAT

2015-07-25 13_41_14-Job Management Software for Trade Contractors _ simPRO Australia

Where simPRO could do with some help is in the area of Getting MORE BUSINESS IN the door, for companies who want to DO MORE.

It could do with some more help in areas like:

  • Asking a customer after a job, How was their experience with the Peter the Plumber?
  • Or sending a reminder after 7 days to the customer about a Quote that they received?
  • Or Sending a reminder and a task to followup to the Salesman who gave the quote, to call the customer and followup on the quote if the customer hasn’t made a final decision yet?
  • Or about scheduling a reminder at a set time asking for a repeated job ?
    • Say for hedges that need to be trimmed again after 6 months.
    • Or the Hot water / Airconditioning system that needs to be serviced in a year’s time.
    • Or the Anti Graffiti Protective Coating on the wall that needs a recoat in 24 months time.
  • Or even Sending an email to all your customers wishing a Merry Christmas ?
  • Or an Occasional bi-monthly update to your customers about any new products or services that you offer ?

For all the above and countless other scenarios you need a full-fledged , purpose built CRM Application (Customer Relationship Management). Trying to do this with simPRO is like trying to manage your jobs and business with an excel sheet. Doable? Yeah maybe, but extremely painful and inefficient.

A powerful CRM tool like Infusionsoft or Salesforce can handle these and countless other scenarios with ease, while bringing in more business, saving you money and time in the process.
Now you still would have the problem of importing and exporting data, keeping it current and responsive and that’s where a simPRO CRM Integration like SyncEzy comes in.  Without a bridge keeping both the applications connected and in Sync you are back to a whole host of other problems like:

  • Data Duplication : Customers have to be added in both the systems.
  • Missed Contacts and Opportunities :  If you are relying on a manual process to add and transfer contacts and opportunities, then there’s no telling what will fall through the cracks
  • Wasted Time and Effort: The time taken in creating a report and exporting data from one application and then importing it again in another application.
  • Unreliable Manual process:  Let’s face it, it’s boring manual work to do this every day / week and having it automated gives you peace of mind that is simply not possible with a manual process.

Here at SyncEzy We have built integrations that give customers PEACE OF MIND, that comes with knowing that every single prospect and suspect opportunity is being followed through to their appropriate conclusion.

The confidence that they are not leaving money on the table and a CRM Integration with a powerful CRM can help them do that.

If you use simPRO, Contact us to know more how simPRO CRM Integration can revolutionize and automate your business.

We have off the shelf simPRO CRM integrations that are plug and play, ready to go or we can create something specific just for you.  Either way, as we say in our tag line.

Let us do the Syncing so You can take it Ezy

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