After months of effort we are proud to release an ALL NEW OVERTIME Engine in our simPRO TSheets integration.

Our simPRO TSheets integration now supports automatic overtime calculations so Approved Timesheets coming from TSheets can be automatically processed for overtime before being sent to simPRO at correct schedule rates for accurate project costing.

This is available to all existing customers at NO EXTRA COSTcost, to enable this just email support@SyncEzy.com

Here’s a most common example of the overtime rules that works on number of hours worked in a day and the day of the week.


  • Rule Applicable : Monday to Friday 
  • First 8 Hours at simPRO Schedule Rate : Normal time
  • After 8 Hours, first 2 hours at simPRO Schedule Rate :  1.5 X Overtime
  • After 10 Hours simPRO Schedule Rate :  2 X Overtime

The first version of this overtime engine currently supports Number of Hours worked in a Day and Day of the Week.  This will assist our clients in keeping a true reckoning of their project overtime costs.

We are also investigating other rule types and conditions based on Time of day, Type of Job, Customer selected, Employee selected, Employee Group Selected(for example Apprentices, Foreman, Technician, Etc).

To learn how we can assist with cutting down your admin and more accurate job costing on your projects, contact us on Support at SyncEzy.com

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