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Imagine if every time your friends call you they had to identify themselves, spell their name before you could talk to them, I bet it wouldn’t be a very pleasant interaction.

If that is the case for your friends why treat your customers any differently?

Every time a customer calls your office number and has to be identified that is an opportunity lost to impress, personalize and build ahead on the existing relationship that you already have with the client.


Let’s look at some industries that do this extremely well, some insurance industry call centers, Answering and On Call services and other such phone based businesses. If you already use an after hours answering service, depending on the service many of them have caller ID recognition and history logging based on caller ID. So when customers call the company already knows who it is before answering.  It saves us both some time, You don’t have to spell out your name, your email address and it adds a small personal touch to an otherwise impersonal service.

You say, that is ok for call centre but I run a regular business.  Well with everything being on the cloud, job management system on the cloud, your CRM on the cloud, VoIP phone systems it does not take too much imagination to dream of a scenario where all of the systems can talk to each other.

Once you have them talking to each other When a customer calls your office, not only can the office person who receives the call and identify the he’’ client, their history and was this call is likely to be about, they can also have the customer profile automatically open on the screen as they receive the call, with direct links to most recent jobs and quotes.

In a world of interconnected systems and complete automation it is often the personal touch that can keep you one step ahead of the competition.


As of today there doesn’t seem to be a single system that can do this, but with more and more systems talking to each other,  this isn’t too far out in the future. We for one We are working on this, if you are interested in something like this reach out to us. This is possible with many smaprt phone systems with an open API and built in CRM or deep links to existing CRMs..

Our team at SyncEzy love interesting challenges like these, if you’re looking to build an integrated end-to-end system that can do this, we can help you. Oh and besides this we also do all kinds of simPRO API Blackmagic, check out our simPRO integrations here.

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