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Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

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As application integrators and customizers, We often come across interesting and difficult use cases and challenges that expand the functionality of the original application. Case in point a LARGE 1500 employee Construction company using TSheets for Time tracking and scheduling.

This organisation has over 1500 users using TSheets. In general TSheets is meant for small and medium businesses and the same as the target of the parent company QuickBooks.  Typical use cases in organisations of under 200 employees.  So using such an app in a large enterprise brings it’s own challenges.  Kudos to the engineers though the web application scales really well to a scale where we have 1000 users logged in at the same time.

This organisation have some unique challenges around making a primarily small and medium business tool work in a large Enterprise context.  For example in TSheets you cannot schedule when a new employee needs to be created. It has to be done manually or through an Excel CSV at the time when you need to activate the employee. Same for redundancy or laying off a certain group after a project was completed.  The only way to do this was manually one by one or through CSV import, neither of which were automatic processes.

TSheets Advanced Employee Manager

We were able to plan and design an Advanced Employee Manager for TSheets that expands on the default functions inside TSheets. This tool allows the customer to schedule in advance employee terminations and new hires.

This way the team doesn’t need to spend their weekends and nights adding and archiving employees, they can do the changes and schedule them in the primary employee repository which can then be transferred over into t-shirts at the nominated time.

TSheets Daily Employee Log

Another very similar example is for a large organisation using TSheets to keep employee records, while the log functionality in TSheets is pretty good it gets very difficult to identify and dig deep if you ever wanted to go back in time.

Imagine a scenario where for a safety audit or legal lawsuit purposes, you need to revisit a certain day 2 years and 3 months ago, figure out who worked on a certain project in which team under which manager.

It would be next to impossible to do this sort of historical digging through the log,  In the interface you can download a list of CSV as of today but you can’t go back in time.  However we can easily resolve this by taking your daily backup if the employee structure and TSheets and making it available as a time stamped organisational structure map.

Using this TSheets integration we have extended the thief it’s functionality but allowing users to go back in time and download the employee list and later as it existed on any date upto 4 years ago. 

A simple technological solution for a difficult business problem ???? This is what we specialise in, check out our TSheets integrations and our TSheets Custom integrations page for more info.  Chances are that this is very unique and a custom requirement that you might never need for your team, but what are the things that you are struggling to do manually? 

Are there things that need to be Automated, Connected,Simplified or Integrated,  All of that falls right within our court !

Drop us a note below to learn about how we can help you.



Hari Iyer | SyncEzy
Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

Hari Iyer is the Founder and CEO of SyncEzy, a pioneering company at the forefront of data integration and automation solutions. With a deep understanding of the power of technology and a passion for solving complex business challenges, Hari has emerged as a visionary leader in the industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to delivering tangible results have earned SyncEzy a loyal global clientele.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an active contributor to the technology community, sharing his insights through thought leadership articles, speaking engagements, and mentorship programs. Hari’s ability to navigate the complexities of remote work serves as an inspiration for leaders, highlighting the importance of flexibility, work-life balance, and a results-oriented approach in today’s evolving work landscape.

Under his guidance, SyncEzy has gained widespread recognition for its deep integration solutions that seamlessly connect software applications, eliminate data silos, and enhance operational efficiency.

When not working, Hari is trying to be a better father, reading tech news, playing FPS games, and not exercising as he should.