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When you are embarking on the implementation of TSheets, it may come a surprise to many business owners that in most states in Australia you have to officially inform the employees when you introduce a tracking mechanism (such as TSheets GPS Tracking).  You may even need to give them 14 days notice (Law in Act and NSW).

Here’s more info about this :

To make it easier to comply with these legal requirements, here is a policy template document that can be edited and added to your company policies and employee notices when you roll out TSheets to the entire team.

Ultimately, telling your employees in advance that you plan to use GPS tracking, explaining why you’re using it and giving them an opportunity to give their feedback is just good business practice. It keeps everyone on the same page, allows you to address any concerns and means you should be ahead of the game if your state law changes.

As always, if you’re in any doubt as to whether you are using GPS tracking correctly in your workplace, always check with an HR expert or your lawyer.  Maximise the success of your TSheets implementation by staying on the right side of the law.

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