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Are your employees forgetting to clock off at the end of the day leading to slightly more work for the supervisor to go in and edit their times ?  Do you come back from the weekend to see employees on the clock for 60 hours ?

Employees on the Clock through the weekend

Fix these issues with smart TSheets Notifications !

If you have this sort of thing happening, there are two ways to get this under control by reminding them through notifications to clock off.
You can find these settings here in TSheets.



Here are some links that describe this in detail, essentially it involves tweaking these Notification settings to work for your situation.

Finally you can also allow employees permissions to edit their Timesheet after it’s bee submitted, so instead of the supervisor doing it for everyone, the employees can do it for themselves.

Clock In/Out Reminders Introduction
How to Set Company or Employee Clock-in and Clock-out Reminders
How to Set Schedule Reminders and Notifications
In Addition employees can also change their individual notification settings : How to Change Your Schedule Notifications and Reminders.

If you have more questions or need assistance in setting these up Call TSheets 24/7 support on 1800726313

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