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There are many, many ways to ask for feedback here is one that relies on the ever so popular net promoter score based scoring system.


Automated Customer feedback survey

It’s simple, short and gets results.

The customers get one single email that asks to rate your service on a scale of 1 to 10. Each of these numbers is then hyperlinked to a different form so when someone clicks on this it goes to a different page and that way you can use your smarts to Direct the unhappy people to a different location than the happy ones.

Send a happy people off to your Facebook page and get reviews and likes. Send the unhappy people to an internal form so you get one more chance to fix the problem before they go public with their bad experience.

The good thing is you can now do all of that simply with simPRO and Infusionsoft, automatically, efficiently and consistently.

Snap Rentals is a reasonably large rental company following me up for the fourth time after a car rental more than a month after the actual rental finished.  I had a great experience and told them so 🙂 Next they sent me a Trust Pilot Email to leave a review over there.

Imagine if you could do this after every single job that you do for your customers, Would that fix your problem of lack of reviews and low social profile ?  Let us know if you’d like to see this implemented in your Business.

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